Within the Internic Search Control Panel, you will find a practical tool allowing you to use a unique PHP framework within seconds. The Frameworks Installer tool performs the entire procedure for you, and so eliminates the need to get a hold of, add and after that configure your framework before commencing your project. You will be prepared to start off your framework centered projects instantly, with minimal effort.

Different frameworks on hand

Initiate your online project by employing a framework

There are lots of PHP frameworks on the web that are rivalling to give the perfect platform for your sites. Our PHP 1 Click Framework Installer incorporates probably the most preferred and widespread PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Akelos, CodeIgniter, Zend, Prado, Zoop, and PHPDevShell.

Each of these frameworks can be set up with a mouse click and is upgraded to the most up–to–date stable version at all times.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework installation

Your personal PHP framework is simply a click away

Installing a PHP framework can often be difficult and complex, since you also need to ensure you discover the latest stable version and also have knowledge to configure it all on your own. With the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, we try to remedy this problem. The Installer aids you to set up an entire PHP framework in just a minute, with no additional setup necessary.

We’ve tried to shorten the set up procedure as much as possible. All you must do is inform the Installer just where you’d like your PHP framework to be installed and our clever system will perform all the rest.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click backup

The easiest technique to back up a framework

If you administer very important business information, you should always keep a backup of everything, particularly if there are plenty of changes made. Aided by the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, you could make a backup of your framework with only a click of the mouse. Our system will produce the backup file and afterwards upload it inside your account. We have not set any limit on the number of backups you can create or for the period when you can create them.

Apart from the manual backups that you generate, additionally we run intelligent backups for all of your web sites on a regular basis. That way, our company offers a well designed and also protected backup solution for your business project data.

1-click backup